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Mattress Comparisons

Mattress comparisons

The effects of modernization cannot be judged for good or bad, because everything’s a step towards progress, a step towards knowing something unknown. But with this rapid growth of technology one common feeling being shared by everyone is restlessness. Many are in a position of not even getting a good night sleep due to their busy schedules. But, sleep is not a recreation; it is a prerequisite for a healthy body and a strong mind.

So, anyway we can’t add some extra hours to our day, to sleep, all we can do is to increase the quality of the sleep from the available time and it can be achieved only through choosing an appropriate mattress for both our mental and physical comfort.

Why should we choose a perfect mattress?

Different people have uncommon needs and live in divergent conditions, so depending on their physical requirements there is a strong necessity to choose the best suitable mattress for oneself.

Mattress variants

Memory Foam Mattresses

  • For side sleepers, many regular mattresses fail to provide comfort. So memory foam mattresses are their best choice to have a sound sleep.

  • Memory foam is very soft and provides high coziness as you sleep on it.

  • It keeps hip and shoulder aligned even after sleeping on a side it keeps us relaxed at all times.

  • The foam in this is so comfy that it merges with the way we sleep and elevates the mattress around us giving us a sinking feeling.

  • Generally, mattresses tend to sag after a usage for a period of time but, memory foam mattresses are built over several layers of foam so they never sag or change their structure.


Gel Mattresses

  • Gel mattresses are composed with both foam and gel. The gel is provided as an additional support to the foam.

  • It gives a different sleeping experience compared to memory foam so, testing it before using is suggested.

  • Gel mattresses are helpful to dissolve the body heat at a faster rate and more efficiently than the foam mattresses. So it also helps to regulate body temperature.


Pillow Top Mattresses

  • This is another choice for side sleepers if they are not satisfied with the memory foam mattresses they can go with the pillow top mattresses.

  • In the pillow tops, there will be an extra layer of stuffing confined to the top layer of the mattress where generally the head is rested.

  • Pillow tops are extremely gentle and sensitive to sleep they give us a submerging feeling especially on the headrest space.

  • Pillow tops are typically used sideways with the coil or spring mattresses to offer much luxury and fulfillment while we sleep.


Innerspring or Coil Mattresses

  • Metal springs act as the supporting source for the Innerspring or Coil mattresses.

  • The number of spirals of the spring determines the supportive index provided by the innerspring mattresses.

  • Along with the number of spirals the distribution of the spirals must be widely spread to ensure the ease delivered by the spring coils.

  • Spinal side sleepers and belly side sleepers are prone to feel very high comfort and relaxation by using the innerspring mattresses or coil mattresses to sleep.


Water Bed Mattresses

  • Waterbed mattresses use a liquid which is generally water, as the supporting layer of the mattresses; this is the best choice for spinal side sleepers.

  • Over a layer of either foam or fiber, a layer of water is arranged in a rectangular shape.

  • In the water beds, the water can be free-flowing or just stays fixed in the way it is set without any flow.

  • We can limit the flow of water as per our convenience by altering the level of foam or fiber that is stored in the lower layers of the waterbed.


Air Bed Mattresses

  • Air bed mattresses are just like water beds but there will be air filled in the place of water.

  • There is either foam or fiber stuffed in the lower support layers

  • The stiffness of the mattress can be regulated by maintaining the required amount of air in the air chamber.

  • Some air beds are designed in such a way that each end of the air bed can be adjusted separately with the air ratio.

  • As we can adjust the rigidness of the air beds they are the best option for spinal side sleepers.


Latex Mattresses

  • Latex mattresses are a type of foam mattresses in which latex foam is used.

  • The composition of latex mattresses is mostly done by the natural materials whereas the memory foam mattresses use artificial materials.

  • Latex mattresses can be used by all types of sleepers either spinal, belly, or side sleepers because it can cope up with any user situations.

  • Latex mattresses are light and more efficient compared to other foam mattresses.


Adjustable Base Mattresses

  • Adjustable base mattresses are mostly used for people during ill health conditions to provide relief and ease.

  • We can adjust the base at any point or place based on the requirement and comfort of the user.

  • They can be of a great use to deal with many physical problems that are caused due to bad sleep posture.

The price range of different mattresses

Diverse types of mattresses hold similar prices depending on their company, quality and other details. But the basic price range of mattresses starts at $85 and extends till $500 or more.

Choosing a well-built mattress for an affordable price is very important; there are a wide variety of mattresses available in the market with great price discrepancies so we have to crisscross for a mattress quality meticulously before buying it.

Reviews over different mattresses

There is a great deviance of mattress reviews in the market because the customer satisfaction will never remain stationary even for the same accordance with the time a review of any customer keeps on varying. So we can consider no product review as completely accurate. But for biasing a product review is resourceful to a small extent.

But, even for same mattress type the customer satisfaction for one company can be maximum and another company is minimum. So, the reviews for any product be accounted only after you examine and test the product for yourself because only one can genuinely understand if his/her requirements are truly satisfied.

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