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Mattress buying guide

The need of sleeping is increasing day by day due to the increase of daily works and prolonged stress schedules. For a better and restful sleep in night, convenient environment as well as mattress in bed plays a major role. One can have a mattress according to the sleeping needs and there is massive number of options for mattress which is increasing tremendously. Thus there are several specifications as well as information that one should know when attempting for the purchase of mattress which is best suited.

Mattress buying guide provides a complete guidance for choosing the best of mattress that is perfectly suited to your lifestyles. It includes complete information about the mattresses that are available in market which also contains the price, features and benefits comply with the reviews of the customers who have used it already.

Few essential considerations for buying a mattress

The capabilities and features of the mattress can be known easily through the specifications provided but there are few important things that should be considered when buying a mattress.

Materials used and the construction

The first and foremost thing that should be considered is the way of construction and whether it will suit your lifestyle. Benefits and features of the materials in the mattress can be known by thorough analysis of them probably. Most mattresses that are emerging these days are made up of innerspring coils, memory foam, and gel infused memory foam or latex. Mattress which have more layers having all superior quality mattresses are called as hybrid mattress.

Firmness level of mattress is most important when selecting a mattress from tons of options. Firmness is based on the capabilities of multiple foam layers, latex, gel infused cooling properties or copper coil infusion in eco friendly mattresses. However, the materials used and the way of construction totally influences the price of the mattress.

  1. Latex Mattress

Latex beds are known for their incredible heat absorbent and cooling properties. It provides great comfort, responsiveness to temperature and pressure, bounce and body contour to the sleeper. It is known for the bounce and springy motion that are literally more than that of normal memory foam. Latex acts well on the pressure points for pain relief and also supports spine alignment throughout the night time. Mattress with latex gel and cover is best for the heavy sleepers as it provides good bounce to the body and also spreads the body weight all along the surface of the mattress. There are few models of latex such as latex hybrids, synthetic latex and latex blends that also vary with their benefits and properties.

  1. Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is well known for its responsiveness to temperature as well as pressure. It also tends to provide pressure relief by acting on the crucial pressure points of the body which are often subjected to pain. Memory foam mattresses absorb overheat of the body, converts it to infrared and dissipates it to the environment. However, there are many superior quality memory foams that have incredible cooling properties then the normal ones.

For a good mattress memory foam is quite the best addition which literally means you can select the mattress with other features but having memory foam in it. Usage of high quality denser memory foam in any mattress makes it feel luxurious with all benefits needed for a sleeper.

  1. Hybrid quality

Hybrid mattresses are the combination of latex, coils and few other materials that are used normally in different mattresses. All of the mostly used mattress are brought together and stuffed in unique designation process to ensure more benefits than that of the normal mattress having some of them. Most drawbacks of many branded mattresses are overcome by these hybrid mattresses. You can get the benefits of many mattresses which are good their performances with some materials used in them.

The combination of latex foam as well as memory foam can provide good bounce to the body. Moreover, pressure relief and acting on pressure points will become more effective in hybrid version of the mattress. This type of mattress is the best choice for every type of sleepers who don’t want to compromise on few features available in normal mattresses available in market.

  1. Cover

Cover of mattress is the most essential feature of the mattress which can determine the quality as well as depict whether it is suitable for the buyer or not. Several types of covers are used in mattresses such as Celliant, Tencel, cooling gel etc are used in branded mattresses. Things that should be analyzed for choosing a mattress with good cover are breathability, heat dissipation properties and a comfortable surface on mattress.

Support and firmness

Firmness levels of any mattress are the first and foremost thing that is seen in its specification list. Different firmness levels are suited for different sleepers and the degree of firmness should be analyzed before getting to buy the mattress. The support for lower back as well as spine support depends upon the degree of firmness as well. It depends on the construction and designation process of the mattress that the firmness level is to be set.

Talking about the firmness levels and degree of firmness in any mattress, latex mattresses are more firm than that of memory foam mattress. Memory foam also provides good firmness but only if higher quality of them are used in construction. Support is a good addition to the memory foam mattress that attracts the users to buy it.

For optimal comfort of the mattresses, firmness as well as support capabilities are the key factors to be analyzed before going for buying the mattress.

Comfort and support

Besides the degree of firmness, the degree of support is also important for a good mattress as many mattresses vary in their body contour abilities. To get a better sleeping experience a mattress should be comfortable from every aspect possible. Comfort level varies with the model of memory foam used, the type of cover, quality of the denser foam used in the base layer and the transition layer in between them. Most of the mattress sinks down the body of the sleeper due to heavy weight which will surely be uncomfortable.

However, for getting a comfortable experience on bed, the quality of the materials used in it and the features of the materials are to be known. Heavy sleepers should most prefer the hybrid mattress which has overall summation of many benefits of different mattress at a time.

Degree of coolness

Cooling properties of the mattress is also one of the major factors for a good mattress to be bought. For good cooling properties, the type of memory foam used in the mattress as well as the cover of the mattress whether it is gel infused or copper pocketed coil model is important. Moreover, it should also be responsive to cold climate in winter to make a good thermal balance between system and surroundings. Utilizing gel layers as well as different memory foam layers can provide the effective temperature regulation properties.

If you prefer cool mattress then inner spring mattress or hybrid mattress would be the best choice as it is vulnerable to both the climatic conditions. Mattresses that utilize latex in the cover or in the deeper layers can also create a good environment for summer as well as winter. For a better convincing degree of coolness, a breathable cover is also most important. Latex as well as copper pocketed coil traps heat from the sleepers’ body due to overheat and regulate the temperature with respect to the surroundings.

Motion transfer and sinkage of the body

Sinkage was one of the major issues for every mattress in the past as heavy sleepers can’t sleep on the mattress and shifting becomes difficult. Moreover sinkage is the cause of interference and disturbance in the middle of slip which is the biggest problem. This problem was solved by the addition of transition layer in between support layer as well as base layer. Transition layer provides support to both the top and base layers equally by marinating equal resistance all along the surface as per the weight of body.

If you are a heavy sleeper and are afraid of the sinkage problems of the mattress then in this case also you should choose a hybrid mattress. A hybrid mattress contains 8 layers with the transition layer as well as two comfort layers and base layer with denser foam to pertain support to the sleeper. Mattresses that are emerged in recent days also have the edge support capabilities which can probably make a difference with the eco friendly mattress that uses copper pocketed coils. Innerspring mattress on the other hand has incredible cooling properties as well as springy design that provide good support to the sleeper including body contour too.


People looking for a good mattress base their decision on the price finally which are the traditional purchase model from any in store or online stores. If you want a good mattress with high quality materials involved in it then the price will also be more which is quite reasonable from the retailer side. Most branded mattress have high pricing due to the high quality mattress involved in it and thus mattress with quite a reasonable price even if it has incredible features should be preferred.

Many stores offers trial version for branded mattress of reputed companies. Taking a trial version for some days should be mostly preferred by the buyer as assurance for a good quality mattresses rises to some extent and also value for money is judged before buying it. Online stores offers mattress of lower price and also with instant discount offers and cashbacks as well. Using gift cards for specific online stores or retail stores should be mostly preferred by the regular customers. Lowering the price of mattress has different strategies but using gift cards and coupons are most beneficial in every case possible.

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